I put together my geeky holiday wish list of the coolest tech gadgets. Does your list match? Have something to add? Tech it out.



Apple's Mac Pro comes out today December 19th starting at $3,000 base price.  The model comes available with a 3.7GHz Quad-Core  Xeon CPU with turbo boost speeds up to 3.9GHz, 12GB of DRAM, 2 AMD FirePro, 300GPUs and 256GB PCl3-based storage.  You can purchase this item online or at the Apple store.  This cylinder of pure computing brawn!



The Roku 3's is one of the best streaming video box you can buy.  It's new interface and faster processor makes it feel quicker and more responsive than any other streaming box. There's over 750 channels, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant, HBO Go,  Pandora, Amazon Cloud Player, and Vudu. Also a plus is the Roku's nifty new remote which has a cool built-in headphone jack that lets you listen without disturbing others while they sleep, study Or work.  



The Apple TV lets you stream all the video content in the iTunes Store to your HDTV, with purchases stored in the cloud. Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, MLB.TV, and a handful of other online media services are available, plus music, videos, and photos can be streamed from iOS devices using AirPlay. AirPlay Mirroring lets you stream any Web video to the Apple TV, if you have a newer Mac running Mountain Lion. And the Apple TV's user interface is one of the best there is.



The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 has a sleek and stylish design that complements Apple products. An integrated solar panel can charge the keyboard from any light source (including a lamp), so there's no need to replace batteries. And the K760 can pair with three devices (such as Mac, iPad, iPhone) and switch among them at the touch of a button.  Great for fanboys.  



If you are a Transformer geek you definitely want to get your hands on this cool Optimus Popularis keyboard by Art Lebedev.  Each of its 77 keys shows a half-inch-square display of your choosing and does what you want it to, programmed through a piece of software called the Configurator. So if you're in Excel a lot, you can plug one of your macros right into a key for easy access. It's basically 77 customizable shortcut keys with coordinating display for each application you want to program.  This keyboard is not made for the usual user it's made for users who like to program and use applications.



For the persons that are into simplicity and want nothing on their desk this keyboard is perfect for you.  It's called the Epic - Bluetooth Virtual keyboard.  It's a laser.  This keyboard can be used on any flat surface just take out the laser device and connect it to you iPad, iPhone, smartphone, tablet, or laptop and voila!  Could this technology be the newest cool way of the future?  



The Jawbone Jambox gets all the press, but the JBL Flip is one of my favorite Bluetooth speakers for less than $100. It's portable, rechargeable, has speakerphone capability, sounds great for its size, and works as a wireless speaker with virtually any smartphone or tablet.  It's great for bringing to work and listening to podcasts and music while you work.



The $99 Fitbit Flex is a wrist-based health monitor. The Flex works with Android & iOS, and the Bluetooth compatibility means no need to manually dock it for data transfers. If  you don't mind spending a bit more, step up to the newer Fitbit Force, which adds a full OLED screen and doubles as a watch.



Best headphones are the Beyerdynamic T-70 is an awesome set of headphones, and it's one of the most comfortable over-the-ear models I've ever had the pleasure of testing." They'll run you about $570 -- and are worth every penny.



Face facts: you have a top-of-the-line dSLR, but it rarely leaves the closet. That's where the $2,800 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1R comes in. It's pretty much the smallest full-frame camera you can buy, delivering photos that will blow your camera phone away in a package that's eminently portable.



Like many of the new breed of user-installable, smartphone-controlled home tech products, the Wi-Fi-connected Philips Hue lighting kit has high geek/novelty appeal. After all, it's a color-changing, LED light bulb package you can program from a smartphone.