I'm happy to hear Google Inc. will be making 'Glass' a new design for prescription wearers.  They've come out with 'Glass' where you can put your name on a list to buy these lovely tech accessories.  All you have to do is buy the titanium frames for $225, shades for $150 and the Glass for $1,500.  Sure I have $1,875 laying around - uh no.

The prescription frames comes in 4 styles bold, split, curve and thin.  They are available in 5 colors: charcoal," a lighter shade of gray called "shale," white, tangerine and bright blue "sky. Later this year you can buy Google Glass online and bring your new Glass to your Ophthalmologist for fitting.  To connect the Glass all you need is a small screw driver, training and you're ready to go about your business for the day with your prescription Glass.  Not bad I say although bring your spare prescription glasses cause the battery doesn't last all day.  

I think this is a start to a good beginning for tech accessories.  If you're unfamiliar with what Google Glass can do it let's you surf the Web, ask for directions, take photos/videos, lets people read their email, share photos on Twitter & Facebook, translate phrases while traveling or partake in video chats. Glass also can follow some basic voice commands, spoken after the worlds "OK, Glass.  Sounds familiar?  If you use Google Moto X phone you'll fit right in with voice command.