CES starts this Tuesday, January 7th thru Friday, January 10th and I've been getting all the invites from new and old companies to take a tour, interview and see demo's of the latest products.  If you've never been to CES (known Worldwide as the biggest consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow) you should try attending and you'll be amazed of what great tech products will be in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Last year I discovered a very cool product not for humans but for our little furry creatures that are dear to our hearts. My husband and I bought our little guy a gift called 'TAGG The Pet Tracker'.  It's a product where you can keep track of your lil one thru GPS while away and know where exactly they are.  It's got to be one of the best gifts I was able to give this year.  Take a peek at the picture and video below and you'll see why I think this product I discovered at last years CES is amazing. 

Best product you can buy for your dog Tagg The Pet Tracker www.tagg.com

What comes in the box is a waterproof Tagg Tracker, Tagg Docking Station, Collar Clip Assembly, Power Kit, Quick Start Guide and Terms & Conditions.  The first 3 months of service is included and there's an app you can download either on your iOS or Android smartphone. You can set up alerts to be sent to your email or text when your little one goes out of the zone.  After 3 months if you wish to continue the monthly payment is $7.99 - that's like buying a Starbucks coffee and pastry for a day!  

The app is very useful it tells you where your little one is located and stores information about them (birthday, breed, weight, color, height, photo).  There's also an Activity Tracking which tracks your pet's daily activity and you can share the information with your vet.. Another useful part of the app is 'Places' it tells you the closest vet, pet store, pet park, pet grooming and pet hotel using Google Maps. Last but least the battery life of the tracker lasts 30 days after charging on the docking station for 2 hours.  How cool is that!  Now don't tell me you wouldn't want to buy one of these cool products and use this app on your little bestfriend!  If you're interested all you got to do is go to tagg.com and place your order.

Stay tune there will be more products from CES coming in a few days!