We all enjoy sharing photo's, music and audio online to friends, Social media buddies and that special someone.  There's a new custom app called Melodigram, for the mobile messaging platform that launches today, which enables users to augment mobile photos with select music tracks and spoken word dialogue and share their “melodigram” with friends across social networks, including WhatsApp, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Users can also send their melodigrams via SMS text or e-mail and are offered a choice as to whether they wish to share their melodigram to one or to many. Melodigram also enables users to augment “selfies” taken with their smartphones front-view camera.

Melodigram is created by Minus Degree Mobile, the Finnish mobile design firm that had previously created the Melod.io app for music messaging, Melodigram is a simple, elegant way to send expressive messages, or enhance photos with music tracks. With Melodigram, you can capture your moment, add your feeling, and share instantly. With no sign-up or usage fees, Melodigram is designed to capture mood moments and add expression by tapping on the library of sounds or music backtracks and pressing and holding the sound icons in the app. You can then add your voice by pressing and holding the microphone icon to accurately record your voice and then release when the recording is complete. After previewing your creation, you can share instantly to SMS, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter. Using existing social media platforms, Melodigram can also be optimized for brands and personalities that want to offer quick campaigns built around images or sounds that convey personalized, branded expressions.

Optimized for iPhone 5, Melodigram is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and can be downloaded for free on iTunes

What are you waiting for try Melodigram for free and share a custom message.  It's easy and fun to use!


Click HERE to view Melodigram in action!